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Assessing Our Situation: Advocacy Strategic Analysis Tools

Before we review some of the advocacy strategic planning tools in this module, we would like to draw the reader’s attention to the following points:

  • There are several strategic analysis tools that are either widely known, such as the SWOT Analysis, or the Forcefield Analysis; or others that you might have developed in your organization. You might also be already familiar with the tools we discuss in this module, or they might be new to you. Please feel free to pick and choose the ones you are already familiar with, while being open to new ones that may give you new perspectives into analyzing your situation.
  • Building on the above point, each tool, and model will give you a part of the picture and help you better understand the situation. However, no one tool will give you a full analysis. This means that you are better off using more than one strategic analysis tool to get a better handle on the situation. It also means that certain tools will help you understand the situation from a specific angle.
  • Analysis from using one tool for a specific part of the plan may change all of the other parts of the plan. Therefore, a careful review of your different analyses to keep synchronized is critical.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

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