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Advocacy: People's Power and Participation Guide:

(По этой ссылке можно перейти на версию на русском языке)

This online toolkit provides workshop participants, UNICEF staff members and their partners with the opportunity to continue their learning after a UNICEF CEE/CIS workshop in Istanbul, in September 2009.. Moreover, the toolkit can be readily updated and adapted to the changing needs of the participants and the environments in which they work, and it is our intentions that UNICEF staff members and their partners will continue the learning process by reflecting on their experiences developing and conducting advocacy campaigns and adding new best practices, examples of successes and challenges, and improved tools to it. Within its pages, it:

  • Includes the latest advocacy theories and best practices,
  • Explores how to advance issue when ordinary channels may not be available,
  • Incorporates proven advocacy examples from throughout the work and particularly the CEE/CIS region, and
  • Suggests links to other important online resources that expand the range of tools and experience that participants have access to and learn from.

The CEE/CIS region poses specific challenges for advocacy practitioners, and we hope that the Istanbul-based training to familiarize UNICEF country and regional offices with advocacy strategies in September 2009 as well as the provision of the copyrighted materials and additional resources within this toolkit will catalyze new opportunities and enable UNICEF staff and partners throughout region to weave advocacy strategies into our work.

The Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) and Nader Tadros of People’s Advocacy retain exclusive ownership rights of the Russian language translation of this Advocacy Manual and all accompanying materials developed by ISC and People’s Advocacy. Any future use of these materials requires written consent from the Institute for Sustainable Communities and People’s Advocacy for all translations, and from People’s Advocacy for English language original, and must carry attribution to Nader Tadros of People’s Advocacy as the original author. Please see the Contact Page for contact details.

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