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Cultivating Good Media Relations

Note: 1)

It is important that social development organizations establish good relations with the media in their working areas. Knowing journalists and editors personally helps establish a feeling of trust and credibility which, in turn, makes it more likely that an issue you want covered will be.

The idea is not to promote the organization, but to promote its credibility to speak about development issues in the community.

To cultivate good media relations, an organization should make an effort to visit media personnel in their area once a year, and to provide background information about the organization and the work it is currently doing. In all dealings with the media, be professional, courteous and provide factual information in a clear, concise and timely manner.

As social justice workers, you will need to develop clear media objectives and a plan to achieve these objectives.


With your circle of advocacy workers, develop a media plan that includes an analysis of your target audience(s), a core message and tailored messages, the media that will help you achieve your media objectives.

1) Coady International Institute: Advocacy and Networking Manual, 2004

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