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Preparing for Outreach

Before we use any methods, we should develop some guidelines for how best to plan for and use the outreach activity. Here are some points for consideration:

  • Retrieve the traditional communication training trips that we all received regarding formulating an appropriate message, using the right messenger, and being aware of potential barriers that might exist when delivering the message.
  • Have genuine respect for everyone who you reach out to with a sincere willingness to listen to and learn from those groups. It is hard to fake such attitudes for a long time if we do not have them.
  • Provide channels for people to participate in setting the agenda of the meeting/discussions.
  • As much as possible, use the local languages that are used in the different regions.
  • Take necessary measures to reach out to and include groups that are traditionally excluded from the decision making processes.
  • Be willing to account for our past actions and positions, either in relation to the issue you are reaching out to them for, or to other actions/programs in our past.
  • Be ready with specific suggestions for how they can contribute to the cause and how to follow up with them on we agree on.

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